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Carpet & Rugs Cleaning Services Cairns

Zenaco cleaning services specializes in customized Carpet and rugs cleaning solution for your house, office or business in Cairns, Townsville and surrounding areas. From carpet shampooing and water damage to tile and grout cleaning we do it all.

We customize all cleaning schedules to fit in with your work hours and office cleaning, hygiene & supply requirements.

Most office carpet cleaning is done outside of business hours, so when you leave the office for the day you can rest assured that when you return in the morning and open your office door you’ll be greeted with a clean & fresh office allowing you to get on with your more important tasks at hand.

If you already have an carpet cleaner in Cairns and aren’t satisfied with the results or maybe you think you’re paying too much, we can arrange a confidential quote for you to compare with your current provider. No obligation.

To arrange a FREE Quote call us direct on 0438 793 304